The Kangana Ranaut Sugandha Mishra Controversy is Sheer Bullshit

Come lunch time, the Internet had the rumours that Sugandha Mishra rubbed Kangana Ranaut the wrong way when she imitated her on Voice India. The rumours went that Kangana was miffed when Sugandha mimicked Kangana. They went further and said that backstage, Kangana also told someone that she felt like slapping Sugandha. Of course, all of this is attributed to the all encompassing ‘source’. Now, anyone who’s worked in the industry knows that this could have happened because of 3 reasons:

  • One, it really happened. 
  • Two, the shows PR planted the story. 
  • PRs of either Rangoon or Kangana planted the story. 

We cannot vouch for the second 2 reasons but one look at the video tells us that that ‘slapgate‘ definitely didn’t happen. One look at the video that promoted the episode tells us it can’t. The video actually starts with Kangana and Sugandha doing Kangana’s Fashion catwalk. Then, Sugandha mimics Kangana’s Datto twang. Kangana’s quite sensible and actually calls Sugandha as Datto. This makes it clear that Kangana clearly understood that it was her characterisation of Datto that was mimicked and not her. 

Also, there’s simply no way that Kangana walked into the show not knowing what’s gonna happen. As past scriptwriters for such celeb interactions, we can tell you that each and every word, phrase and nuance of a show is shown and approved. There is no way any of this wasn’t told to Kangana before the show started. 

And if Kangana actually had to slap Sugandha, she’d have done it watching this video, where Sugandha does a pretty rude mimicry of Kangana Ranaut, the person and not any character that she plays. She harps on Kangana’s unique accent. She even does a bordering-on-vulgarity dance step in Kangana’s character.