Leaked? Is This Is How Ranbir Kapoor Looks As Sanjay Dutt

There’s been a lot of buzz about Ranbir Kapoor buffing up for his role as Sanjay Dutt in his upcoming biopic. Ranbir Kapoor is working out to look as  lean as Sanjay was in his heydays.  There’s a pic that’s doing the rounds of social media. It claims that Ranbir Kapoor’s look as Sanjay Dutt is finally leaked. Popchutney could not individually confirm whether the authenticity of the pic.  The striking resemblance makes us wonder whether one of the most secret looks in recent cinema has really been leaked finally. The look resembles that of Sanjay Dutt during his filming of Vidhaata and also when he was in prison during the Mumbai bomb blast case. 

There has been some controversy about how Sanjay Dutt was about Ranbir as a choice to play him in his biopic. Some rumors said Sanjay was not happy with Ranbir’s romantic hero persona. But if one goes by the current scenario, Ranbir and Sanjay have buried the hatchet and Sanjay is actively helping Ranbir get into the character’s skin, as best as he can. 

The film will also star Manisha Koirala as Sanjay Dutt’s mother, Nargis and Paresh Rawal as his father, Sunil Dutt. Earlier, there were rumors that Sanjay was keen on playing his father’s role. However, he decided against it in the end. This was because he was worried that the film would become a ‘Sanjay Dutt’ film instead of a Ranbir Kapoor one.