Check Out What Undertaker Said to Roman Reigns After Dead Man Was Eliminated

With Royal Rumble ’17, one thing is clear – the product has become old and jaded and the production values are middling. Back in the nineties, even the haters would say that the promos cut by the WWE were among the best in the industry – not just the sports entertainment industry. Back in the nineties, the product became razor sharp. Even with thousands of hours of programming, we never spotted a faux paus anywhere.

So, it troubles us to see at least three gaffes in the main event of Royal Rumble. We could see tired professionals just slapping each other’s backs and arms and their body language said, “Get on with it”.  We have nothing but complete respect for the Undertaker, but his eliminations seemed nowhere near the powerful moves he is known for. 

We are also thinking if The Undertaker was out of his element during the match. You see, the man behind the persona, Mark Calloway, is one of the most respected men in the industry, primarily because of his loyalty to his employer, Vince McMahon. Go on the internet and you will read legends about how he has sorted out things for Vince one too many times. Mark Calloway is also known to be rarely out of character. Actually, he is the last of the greats to be photographed without his persona – even after the Internet broke the band that separated reality and character for most of the WWE superstars. 

So, we have to wonder if this video from Royal Rumble was The Undertaker talking trash to Roman Reigns or was it something else. This is clearly an unguarded moment that’s captured by a camera. WWE programming would have nowhere to hide if what Undertaker said ever hit the airwaves. Use your lipsync expertise to check out what the Undertaker said. We promise, you’d be as surprised as we are.