Did Idea Just Take A Dig At Reliance’s Jio?

Reliance’s Jio has definitely disrupted the market. It’s free model has sent the other players in the market in a tizzy.  Some of them are still coming up with ways to combat Reliance’s Jio. Recently, there were rumors that Reliance users who had signed up for Jio were receiving bills. These rumors were just that – rumors. However, it looks like Idea decided to take a dig at Reliance Jio with their ad that launched in the digital space yesterday. 

The advertisement shows two friends sitting in a car and discussing free internet and calls. The car owner has parked his car in a space that’s been free – since three months. You get the drift. Watch the ad to find out what happens next. 

We think that this ad is seriously just showing how incapable the other companies are of combating Reliance’s Jio offer. That an ad works out on a rumor is amusing. Of course, even the companies know that they don’t have a peg leg to stand on. Therefore, the underlying statement is obscure and doesn’t directly say anything. 

For the uninitiated, it will be a dark day for commerce and democracy if Reliance gets away with charging their customers even a single naya paisa for their services until the date they have announced. Even alluding to this idea means that a company is so bitter and cynical that it has lost all confidence in the system that we live in

Individuals should understand that Reliance’s announcement isn’t something that your friend tells you after a couple of drinks on a Friday night.  It is not a Goa plan that’s bound to be cancelled at the nth moment. These were announcements made on a very public platform by one of the most reputed companies in the world.