It is better to shoot for a short film than waste time on an audition for the big break: Injeel Khan

Injeel Khan will soon be seen in a short film, “You make me feel alive” (tentative). The actress spoke to us and told us about not just the film but also about her experience working in the new, short film format.

What is the film about?

Basically, this film is about a couple who are out to con people. The girl is love with the guy, but that’s just puppy love. The girl falls in love with someone else – and there is a great age difference between the two. Even she’s confused. Here’s a young beautiful girl who could have been with anyone, but love beckons her to a person who is close to double her age.

Isn’t the concept bold?

This kind of love story has never been shown before. This concept is very different. This is a love triangle, where the girl is falling for someone who is very different than her.

How was your experience shooting for the film?

I must tell you,  it didn’t feel like we were shooting for a short film. Even when we were packing up, we were thinking of how to add some more scenes, how to make the product better, etc. We weren’t just working towards pack-up, we wanted to make the film the best we could.

And how was it working with your co-stars Nishant Pandey and Neeraj ? Did you feel uncomfortable doing these scenes?

Whenever he came on the sets, the atmosphere would change. I have always felt comfortable with all the teams I have worked and the same is true here. I never felt that I couldn’t kiss him or I couldn’t hug him. The other co-star, Neeraj, was also taking pains to make me comfortable. I never felt that I couldn’t do a scene with him.

There are several short films coming up now. Do you think this is the next big thing?

I would rather shoot for a short film than go to an audition of a feature film. I would rather be in a place where I feel wanted as an actress. I really believe that short films offer a lot of scope to the new and upcoming actors.




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