Maaya Review: S01E01: An Intense First Episode Keeps Us Intrigued

The first two episodes of Vikram Bhatt’s web series, Maaya are now available for viewing. The web series explores the dark world of BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Submission and Masochism). Here PopChutney’s complete review of the first episode, the Maaya Review. 

Shama Sikander plays Sonia, the wife of a prominent doctor,Abhishek. Vipul Gupta plays Rahul, a mysterious man who seems to have a connection to Shama. The first episode keeps us curious as to what’s the connection between Rahul and Sonia. Shama Sikander is back after a long while as Sonia. Her performance makes us root for her character. Vipul Gupta plays the mysterious Rahul well and keeps us intrigued about his back-story. Currently, Vipul Gupta is the ace in the actor’s department in the series. We shall, of course, see if that is the case in further. 

As promised, Maaya has a sensuous feel to it and Vikram Bhatt has made good use of the freedom that the digital space provides. The dialogues are realistic and you no longer feel that you’re watching a film. This is the initial episode of the web series.  The first episode does a good job of setting the pace for the rest of the series. There was always an issue of whether an Indian director would use BDSM as just a catchword and come up with something tame. Going by the first episode, we can say that is certainly not the case with Vikram Bhatt’s Maaya. 


Sonia has a mental breakdown, and her doctor husband Abhishek admits her to the hospital. His psychiatrist friend tells him that Sonia now suffers from retrograde amnesia – she has essentially erased six months of her memory. The psychiatrist tells Abhishek that this happens when a person suffers from mental or physical trauma. 

Meanwhile, Sonia has a vision of a mysterious man involving her in a BDSM game. We are then introduced to Rahul, a young architect as he is leaving Sonia. On the way, he is arrested under the charge of killing a man named Zakir. In prison, he meets his lawyer, who informs him that his wife Diya is the reason that he is arrested. After Diya attempted suicide, she wrote a note saying that she has proof that Rahul had committed murder.