This Vikram Bhatt Film Poster Is Sensual AF and Leaves Nothing to Imagination

Vikram Bhatt’s Maaya is a web-series that delves into the BDSM community that’s very much existent in Mumbai but hidden under the chaos of this great city. The trailer was out two days ago and  Vikram Bhatt has launched the poster – a stark black and white poster showing an apparently nude woman in ropes. 

The poster is  sensual and puts the point across  This promises to be a no-holds barred story that deals with everything that’s the underbelly of human sexuality. We told you the first trailer didn’t get a lot of people happy on YouTube, with some saying that the film was a rip-off of the Hollywood film, Fifty Shades of Grey. However, Vikram Bhatt gave his rebuttal to this via an interview with itimes, and we brought you information about that too. 

On the performance end, Maaya stars Shama Sikandar as the titular character. The trailer tells us that the film is about a house-wife who tries a BDSM experience but it goes horribly wrong. We would think Rekha’s Aastha has inspired the film more than any other, if it is indeed inspired by any. 

It is  pleasing to see that mavericks are looking at newer avenues to provide alternate entertainment apart from the typical maar-dhaad and shaadi-byaah that’s the go to scripts  today. When it comes to Hollywood, 50 Shades of Grey is not the only film that speaks about BDSM. The seventies saw the  highly controversial film, Story of O, which was again inspired from a book. Many feminists have derided that book and accused it of creating a misogyny laden atmosphere for women all over the world, come to think of it, 50 Shades of Grey never got this kind of adulation.