Hugh Jackman’s Post About Logan Has Us Worried

Hugh Jackman will be portraying Wolverine one last time in the upcoming Logan. The initial teasers and everything about the film has created the right buzz, making it one of the most anticipated films this year. However, this Twitpic from Hugh Jackman has us worried. He posted:

Just look at that expression. Does it show the kind of excitement that Hugh Jackman would have while reading the draft of a role that arguably is his best work? The X-Men franchise has been the butt of a lot of criticism since a while and the last film, X-Men: Apocalypse was a commercial and a critical failure. Some even said that the film took super-hero films almost 20 years back.

Superhero films are becoming riskier by the minute. Last year’s mega opus Dawn of Justice: Batman V Superman would be remembered only for adding the US version of V and replacing Vs. With all this in the background, we are very, very worried about Hugh Jackman’s demeanor in this photograph.  Logan is the third film in the Wolverine franchise and will release in 2017. Not much is known about the story and the script, and there are rumors that the film will have Logan’s clone, X-23 become Wolverine. It is interesting to see whether that happens, because X-23’s origin story is not a very politically correct one at this time. Hop over to this Wikipedia page to see what X-23 is made up of.