Logan To Release In India On 3rd March and the New Trailer Is Fun On Steroids

Rejoice, gone are the days when Indians had to wait a week for the Hollywood blockbuster to hit their favorite theaters! Logan, the third and last film in the Wolverine franchise will hit Indian theaters on the 3rd of March, right on the same day as it does in Hollywood – so confirms Taran Adarsh via this tweet.

And let this be said, nobody does fantastic action better than Hollywood. The latest trailer reveals so much – oh so much about Logan and that new girl character that we just can’t wait for March to come on and in and let us experience what seems to be the best Logan film ever made – and we are keeping Wolverine firmly in mind. Don’t believe us, well hinder down to this trailer that has Logan beat up people, get beat up, probably the first time that the little girl shows that she has ’em adamantum charged talons. This trailer also succeeds in showing Logan smile… no, actually laugh. Do you think this is the first time that it’s happened in the Wolverine and the entire X-Men series? If that’s the sign of Logan getting old, we want more of the old Logan. No?

Eagerly awaiting this one.