Margot Robbie Looks Astoundingly Real As Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding is a name that rocked the headlines back in the nineties after she was accused of putting out an hitman on her competitor Nancy Kerrigan. She later pleaded guilty to the charge. This was the biggest sports controversy of the nineties and now Margot Robbie has been roped in to act in a film based on the incident. The Suicide Squad star was recently spotted on the sets and we must say that she does look strikingly similar to Tonya Harding. She looks the part in those shapeless jeans and the unique top that could only exist and survive in the nineties. The film is titled ‘I, Tonya’.

Post the controversy, Tonya’s world has come crashing down. She has tried her hand everything, from professional boxing to be a boxing stable manager to being a singer in a troupe – none of which has borne many good results. She even had a celebrity sex tape with her then-husband and made a cool $200,000 from those royalties. Her controversy has even become a pop culture hat-tip and has been used by several comic acts through the years, for example Seinfeld.

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