Shanivaar Talkies Present: Shaitanon Ka Honeymoon

Everyone has heard about these films but not many have the good fortune. These obscure films are filed so low on YouTube that you rarely get to them. So, PopChutney brings you Shanivaar Talkies, where we curate the best  (well, you decide) indie films to make your Shanivaar all the more happy.

Shaitaanon ka Honeymoon stars Dolly Minhas, the film credits say that she’s a sensation of beauty. The film also stars Charan Raj, made famous for his role in Pratighaat. Shaitanon Ka Honeymoon has everything that an indie film in the nineties would have. An actress who’s okay with a bare-dare attitude, a hero who can put up a fight and a storyline that’s not an assault to the senses.