When Tabu Acted In a Bollywood Horror Film

Tabu is one of the finest actresses in Bollywood. Her performances in films like Maachis, Fitoor and Hera Pheri have made her a household name. She has acted in comedy films like Chini Kum, Chachi 420 and Hera Pheri, but she’s mostly known for serious cinema. You’d definitely not look for her name in the credits of an commercial film, a horror film at that. 

We being the fans of everything Bollywood, came to know that there is one film that maybe even Tabu doesn’t remember working in – Guddu Dhanoa’s Hawa. We have spent quite a few evenings wondering what made Tabu sign up this film. It’s a straight-bat horror film that has nothing unique, or anything going for its characters. The film is simply about a woman who shifts to a new bungalow along with her brother, children and dog. Later, the brother is possessed and the film’s as predictable as any other run-of-the-mill Bollywood film can be.

The film became mildly famous when it was released particularly for a scene that had Tabu’s character sexually molested by a ghost. The main reasons this became famous was because of the hilarity of the aspect. It was also became famous because nobody could understand why Tabu signed up for such a film in the first place. 

We had heard about this film and were looking for some proof that it exists. We had only come across some bad quality clips from the film on YouTube till now. Today, though, we found that Shemaroo has uploaded the whole film on their YouTube channel. Being fans of obscure cinema, we can only thank Shemaroo for doing this and invite our viewers to follow the channel and share some love.