Bigg Boss 11 Might Have Only Commoners

Looks like Om Swami has finally succeeded in making Bigg Boss a real ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ program. Sources say  that the Bigg Boss 11 will only have commoners, apart from the host and dost Salman Khan. Popchutney couldn’t confirm the rumor. However, there are contradicting reports. Some reports say that Bigg Boss might do away with the commoners. Some say that Bigg Boss might do away with the celebrities. Either way, the format of the show is set for a big shake-up. However, like every other year, there is also the rumor that Salman Khan won’t be part of Bigg Boss. But there have been so many rumors of him not being in Bigg Boss before the auditions start, we are taking these rumors with a pinch of salt. 

There are good reasons for Bigg Boss 11 to do both. The recent Om Swami controversy went really out of hand. We are sure the producers wouldn’t want to see a repeat. The Manveer Singh marriage controversy seems to be another one that’s just waiting to blow up into something bad for the franchise. One cannot blame them if they remove commoners from the equation. On the other hand, Bigg Boss could be justified in removing celebs from the equation. \Only adding commoners – after background checks – could breath fresh life into a show that’s slowly withering away and losing fame.